Stromatech Awarded $1M Grant

by VBSA-admin on September 6, 2023

Stromatec, Inc. in South Burlington VT has received a 2 year $1M SBIR grant from the NIH. The project is entitled “Connective Tissue Motion Measure.” The project aims to develop a biomarker or diagnostic test capable of identifying loose connective tissue abnormalities associated with chronic low back pain.

Stromatec’s expertise lies in the measurement of minute needle and tissue motion and forces in vivo with applications for researchers, physicians, and acupuncturists. “Stroma” is from the Greek word referring to connective tissue. Undifferentiated or loose connective tissue forms a supportive mat or framework in the body. Stromatec is a leader in the development of tools to help identify problems associated with musculoskeletal connective tissues. Such problems may involve chronic pain, impaired mobility, scars, hernias or prolapses.

About Stromatec, Inc.
Stromatec creates tools to help solve problems associated with musculoskeletal connective tissues. Such challenges may involve chronic pain, scarring, or impaired mobility. Our emerging technologies include biomarkers, diagnostics, and treatments for users as diverse as research scientists, physicians, and acupuncture students.

[Part of the September 2012 Newsletter, See More in the Archives.]

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