Newsletter: September 2012

by VBSA-admin on September 6, 2023

VBSA Enters the Next Phase

Dear VBSA Members and Supporters,

I hope everyone is refreshed from summer vacation. Or if not, has hiking boots for fall and skis for winter ready to go. There’s always a balance between getting things accomplished today and planning for the future. All of us face this situation—at home, at work—in all of our activities, including our volunteer efforts. Since its founding as an organization representing Vermont’s bioscience industry, many people have donated their valuable time, talents, and financial support to make the VBSA successful. Of particular note, are the contributions of our founding Board members, many of whom remain committed to the organization and its future role in strengthening Vermont’s bioscience companies. But everything evolves, and I’d like to announce two signficant changes that herald the next phase of successful growth for the VBSA.

First, we we are transitioning VBSA from an entirely sponsored organization to one that includes paid memberships. We realize that this may require more effort to raise the necessary financial support, but believe it is the best way to insure that the organization represents all the bioscience constituents throughout the State.

In addition, several of us who have served for multiple years on the Board will be stepping aside so new Board members can join. Both Kimberly Murray and I are stepping down as board co-chairs. Kimberly has a new position with the city of South Burlington and found she did not have enough time to devote to the VBSA. Kimberly says, “I have really enjoyed and appreciated my 3 years with VBSA and I am thankful for the relationships and contacts I have made and the opportunity to be involved with promoting the bioscience industry in Vermont.” I am sure that I’m speaking for all of us, when I offer my sincere thanks to Kimberly as well, for helping keep us organized and on task; for putting up with some unique personalities and keeping us moving forward. Good luck with the new job Kimberly; South Burlington has scored big!

Speaking for myself, when I joined the Board several years ago, it was strictly for self-interest: I thought joining an organization such as VBSA could help my company prosper. And it has: several active collaborations, new ideas for products, identification of new market opportunities, quick answers from people who have experience I lack, all resulted from relationships formed via the VBSA. I’ve also greatly enjoyed the friendships I’ve formed with my fellow board members. It’s been a great give and take experience: volunteering and seeing the resulting growth of a successful organization, while at the same time meeting many interesting people who share my passion for science and business. I realize that now is the time for me to step down as VBSA Board co-chair and to help the bioscience community in other ways.

Consider volunteering. There’s no question that you will enjoy the experience, the people you meet, and take great pride in helping create a clean industry that offers good paying, stimulating jobs in Vermont. Please contact me for information about what is required and how you can help.

I look forward to seeing everyone at our VBSA Forum, November 7th at the Hilton Burlington!

Bill Church, Co-Chair VBSA Board of Directors

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