Newsletter: June 2013

by VBSA-admin on June 13, 2023

From the Board Chair

Bill ChurchI would like to thank Jack Glaser of MBF Bioscience, who recently resigned from the Board, for his founding board membership and generous financial support to VBSA. Jack, as a visionary and supporter of the Alliance during its conception, brought his entrepreneurship and leadership to the Board during our early years. As everyone who knows Jack can attest, his calm awareness often turned a volatile Board meeting into a productive one. And normally I would now say “we’ll miss him” but in this case I know his support of VBSA will continue through replacement, Jeff Spenger from MBF Biosciences. Along with new Board members Janet Murray of the Vermont Genetics Network and Peter Banks of Biotek, the alliance continues to attract strong bioscience professionals to represent, support and strengthen the Vermont bioscience industry. On behalf of all members of the Board, thank you, Jack, for your support and friendship.
Due to the efforts of Susan Fayette, VBSA Executive Director, and Board member Betsy Bishop, the alliance has received support from PhRMA to hold an event this fall examining the important role of clinical research in Vermont. This research, often supported by pharmaceutical companies, leads to improved medicines for disease and innovative products for improving human health. The conference will highlight the research happening in Vermont and will underscore the need for everyone to work together to cure disease and live healthier lives. We will announce further details in our next newsletter.
And finally, the Board has decided to reach out to other tech groups in the state, specifically, the Vermont Tech Alliance and a nascent group of STEM women lead by Lena Gordon of MorrisSwitzer, Andrea Pearce, and Alicia Marie Ellis of UVM. With support from VBSA, Lena, Andrea and Alicia are continuing the efforts of Krista Conley and Elizabeth Bernier of Vtrim to form an active network of Vermont tech women following the WEST model. There will be a planning meeting in June and if you would like to help, please contact me.

I wish everyone a relaxing and successful summer.

Bill Church, Chair, VBSA Board of Directors

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