Newsletter: June 2012

by VBSA-admin on June 6, 2023

Thanks Chris and Hello Susan!

All organizations change and mature—including the Vermont Biosciences Alliance. Since our last newsletter, there have been two changes of note: long time Board member Chris Coulter has moved on to other volunteer efforts and Susan Fayette of Sales, Marketing, and Events has accepted the contracted position of Administrative Director. You can read more about Susan here (link to other part of newsletter). She is tasked with building organizational systems and processes to provide better value for our members. Now there will be a real person to make sure your membership information is accurate and that you are fully aware of the benefits of membership and our event schedule.

We are very grateful to Chris for his efforts since the formation of the VBSA. As a founding Board member, he spent many hours getting the website up and running, attending countless Board meetings, and helping with our communication efforts. While all Board members bring unique skills and talents, Chris’ focus on the details were critically important to the organization. His legacy extends well beyond his naming our casual social events the “Bio Beers.” He’s promised to let us buy him adult beverages at future events. Thanks Chris!

In the next few weeks we will begin rebuilding our membership base, something that has lapsed for a number of reasons. Please consider helping in three ways:

  1. Becoming a paid member
  2. Attending our next event in October (stay tuned for details)
  3. Volunteering to help on the Board or on a committee. A great way to meet fellow travelers in bioscience.

And finally, one further change, Kimberly Murray is now the new Development Coordinator for the City of South Burlington. She will be assisting the City Council as they work to develop and update the City’s vision, mission, goals and implementation strategies related to development, including economic growth. The VBSA thanks her for promoting the biosciences industry in Colchester and she hopes to continue that effort in South Burlington as well. All cities and towns in Vermont need a Kimberly Murray!

Thanks to everyone for supporting and helping to grow the VBSA.

Kimberly Murray and Bill Church
Co-Chairs VBSA Board of Directors

[Part of the June 2012 Newsletter, See More in the Archives.]

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