Member Profile: Chroma Technology Corp.

Company Name: Chroma Technology Corp.

Primary Contact Name: Michael Stanley, Phd

Address: 10 Imtec Lane, Bellows Falls, Vermont 05101

Contact Phone: 800-824-7662

Company Website:

Year Company Founded: 1991

General Description of Organization and/or Areas of Expertise: Chroma Technology Corp. is a manufacturer of interference filters for the ultra-violet, visible and near-infrared portions of the spectrum, including band pass, multiple band pass, and long and short pass filters, as well as beamsplitters, dichroic mirrors and laser rejection filters. We specialize in precision spectral control, including extra high signal-to-noise ratio filters and those with rapid cut-on and cut-off profiles. The manufacturing process involves precisely depositing, in a vacuum, extremely thin layers of two or more materials on a glass or similarly transparent substrate. Chroma was organized by several talented individuals who wanted to create a working environment entirely different from the typical corporate structure. Founded in Brattleboro, Vermont, in May 1991, Chroma quickly established itself as a leader in filter designs. From its inception, Chroma has worked closely with the community of molecular and cell biologists worldwide to develop the best possible solutions to applications requiring fluorescence filters. As an employee owned Company, it has grown from seven employees with sales of $314,200 in its first year of business, to 54 employees with sales of $12,000,000 in its 10th year of business. Currently, microscope filter sales represent 66% of total revenues. Chroma is a principal supplier to three of the four major microscope manufacturers and a secondary supplier of the fourth. The remaining 34% of Chroma’s business comes from manufacturers in bioscience instrumentation, bio-medical instrumentation, pharmaceutical research, astronomy and laser-based instrumentation. Chroma’s filters are distributed worldwide with 34% of its business from international sales.