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by VBSA-admin on September 6, 2023

We believe that solutions for many of the world’s challenges: health care, the environment, and future food and energy supplies, will be found by applying knowledge gleaned from the natural world. By participating in this work, Vermont bioscience companies can significantly strengthen our economy here in Vermont, and simultaneously contribute to efforts that will improve the world.

As the Vermont Biosciences Alliance continues to grow, we realize that your ongoing support will be based on the value you receive from the organization. This year, we have initiated a quarterly newsletter to increase awareness of Vermont Bioscience companies and facilitate networking. We have also enlisted Ms. Susan Fayette to help with events, support the Board, and help coordinate our membership drive. We are very excited about our next stage of growth but now must ask for more formal membership status, and financial contribution, from you and your organization.

We hope that you will continue to participate in the Vermont Biosciences Alliance by becoming a formal member or continuing your membership.
Click here for information on joining us.

We have many exciting things to look forward to as we grow our organization, and we appreciate your support. Please contact us if we can support you and your company in any way.

Bill Church, President, Board of Directors
Susan Fayette, Administrative Director

[Part of the September 2012 Newsletter, See More in the Archives.]

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