Member Benefits: Why join the VBSA?

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Bioscience community and network

The VBSA community is good for your company or organization, good for your career and a great way to form new professional relationships and friendships. As part of Vermont’s bioscience network you can build business and research relationships with business owners, managers, scientists, entrepreneurs and engineers.

New contacts

Create new opportunities for you to stay on top of the latest developments in the field like funding opportunities, new regulations, cutting-edge research and technologies plus new products or services. With so many new colleagues for you to meet, participating in Vermont’s vibrant bioscience community and network supports your own professional growth in this dynamic field.

Career opportunities and internship programs

listings of available bioscience jobs will be posted on our new website. Through VBSA memberships you can also participate in state-wide internship programs and other partnerships with Vermont’s high schools, colleges and universities.

Website profiles

Your own webpage that highlights the capabilities and professional contributions of your firm, your research or another organization.
Discounted event admission
Members receive discounts on admission to all VBSA events.

Public policy action

VBSA supports important initiatives and legislation that directly affect Vermont’s bioscience community. Past examples include active involvement in legislation creating the Entrepreneur’s Seed Fund and the R & D Tax Credit. VBSA is your voice on bioscience public policy in Vermont and represents you on the national level through our participation in BIO (the national biosciences industry organization).

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Bioscience news and opportunities

Learn about events, legislative and public policy alerts and partnership opportunities. Examples include regulations under consideration, company and research news plus developing funding opportunities.


Voting rights in all VBSA elections of officers and directors.

Types of VBSA memberships available

Business Members

These are business organizations who are actively involved in the bioscience industry. Business Members must be approved for membership by the Board of Directors and have voting privileges in the Alliance.

Budding ScientistEducation Members

Any educational institution or department with an interest in the bioscience industry or bioscience education may be an education member. Student bioscience organizations may also become education member organizations with approval of the VBSA board of Directors.

Affiliate Members

Other organizations (e.g. law firms, banks, venture capitalists, service providers etc.) with an interest in the bioscience industry may be accepted as an Affiliate Member. Affiliate Members must be approved for membership by the Board of Directors.

Individual Members

An individual having an interest in the bioscience industry may be admitted as an Individual member. Individual members are approved for membership by the Board of Directors

Student Members

A student having an interest in the bioscience industry and enrolled in a secondary, associate, under-graduate, or graduate-level bioscience or other relevant curriculum, may be admitted as a Student Member. Students can serve on committees but do not have regular voting privileges in the Alliance. Student Members may be required to pay a reduced annual Alliance fee.

Current VBSA Membership Dues

Membership TypeVBSA Membership Dues
Large bioscience businesses with 50 or more employees$1000
Small bioscience businesses with 49 or less employees:$500
Bioscience businesses of under five employees:$150
Educational Institution:$600
Affiliate business (non-bioscience business):$600
Public service organization (such as Economic Development or Government):$150
Individual Member:$50
High School and Elementary School teachers or studentsNo charge

Please complete your membership application by clicking the appropriate link below.

Membership Form for Businesses, Education, Affiliate, or Public Service Organizations

Membership form for Individuals, Teachers, or Students