I-Trep Announces Request for Application for One-to-One Consulting

by VBSA-admin on January 15, 2024

Continuing with our mission to promote success in biomedical entrepreneurship, the I-Trep program offers individual one-to-one consulting with experts to assist in the preparation of proposals and the management of awarded SBIR/STTR Grants.

Assistance is available for the following areas:

1. SBIR/STTR Phase I submission or resubmission

2. SBIR/STTR Phase II submission or resubmission

3. Accounting for awarded grants

4. Compliance assistance for awarded grants

Request for this consultant service is available year-round. The request will be submitted to the I-Trep administrative office where it will be discussed by the Steering Committee. If selected, the I-Trep program will put you in contact with an expert to help you with your topic of interest. The I-Trep program will cover the consultation fee (maximum amount $3500). While there is no deadline for the requests, awards will be funded on a first come first served basis.

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Eva Garland Consulting, LLC

Eva Garland Consulting was founded by Dr. Eva Garland, who excels in securing resources and leading scientific teams to develop innovative new technologies that span the biological and physical sciences. As Vice President of Research & Development for an early stage biotechnology company, Dr. Garland was awarded over $12 million in grant funding, including twelve SBIR/STTR Awards as well as funding from Foundations and state and local sources. Dr. Garland and her team have secured hundreds of additional grants totaling over $100 million for technologies ranging from pharmaceuticals, wound care products, antiseptics, medical devices, agrochemicals, and industrial products.

Questions? Contact Mercedes Rincon (mrincon@uvm.edu) or Tina Thornton (tina.thornton@uvm.edu).

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