In Memorium: Eric Perron

by VBSA-admin on June 13, 2023

Eric Perron passed away unexpectedly on Monday, April 29, 2013, at the age of 63. Following is a remembrance written by Peter Weith of BioTek Instruments.
Eric Perron and Norman Alpert hired me in 1976 and I was mentored by Eric for many years. He was a hard worker, talented and lived life to its fullest.
Eric started his career as a UVM electrical engineering graduate working at BioTek. As the first full-time employee of BioTek, he used this skill along with his natural grit as BioTek’s general manager for over 25 years. He personally designed the Electrical Safety Analyzer, Model 501 which was a standard in the industry for nearly 10 years—among many other of our early products. Eric later earned an MBA from UVM and undertook many different tasks, including the management of a challenging acquisition (Kontron Analytical) in Europe in the late 1990s.
When BioTek divested our biomedical instrumentation division to Fluke (later to become Fluke Biomedical), Eric moved with the product line to Carson City, Nevada and later to Seattle, Washington as a key member of the management team. He assumed different roles as required, including responsibility for integrating acquisitions, international marketing and new business development. Fluke Biomedical is a part of Danaher, a world leader in technical and industrial products.
Eric kept in close contact with many of us over the years and continued to play poker with a number of his close friends from the company for many years.
He was very close to his family, community and his roots in the Northeast Kingdom.
We will miss his spirit, friendship and entrepreneurial skills.

Peter Weith, Vice President Marketing, Sales and Service, BioTek Instruments, Inc.

[Part of the June 2013 Newsletter, See More in the Archives.]

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