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by VBSA on March 9, 2024

The Vermont Software Developers Alliance (vtSDA) announced today that it received 21 excellent applications for the Bentley Award and is seeking additional contributions to fund them all.

The Alliance sought applications from Vermont schools to develop projects related to science, technology, engineering, arts and math (STEAM.) In just a few weeks, they received 21 applications from schools all over the state competing for three iPads and a $3,000 prize.

The decision to try to fund all the applications came after John Canning, President of Physician’s Computer Company, found it difficult “to choose among the many excellent applications received.” The projects ranged from using iPads to teach disabled children to read to expanding weather data observation capabilities on an existing weather station located at the school. Canning said that, “It’s tough to say no to kids, especially when you understand the importance of these projects to their education. It benefits us all for kids to become savvy in science and tech related projects.”

The total amount necessary to fund all the awards is about $100,000. The Alliance has raised about $15,000 to date that include contributions from Apple®, Vt. Experimental Program to Stimulate Competitive Research (EPSCoR) and the Bluehouse Group, a software company located in Richmond, Vermont. Bluehouse Group Founder Greg Brand stated that, “Bluehouse Group is happy to offer this contribution in memory of Bentley. We also want to acknowledge the leadership role that his parents, Bruce Seifer and Julie Davis, have played in supporting education and a vibrant Vermont creative-tech economy.”

The Bentley Award was created to celebrate the life of Bentley Davis Seifer, the 12-year-old child of Bruce Seifer and Julie Davis who died last summer. Bentley had a knack for creating inventions out of found objects and a strong interest in science, engineering, art and math. The award seeks to inspire schools and young people to explore technology just as Bentley did.

To contribute to the Bentley Award Project, please visit the Vermont Software Developer’s Alliance website at

[Part of the March 2012 Newsletter, See More in the Archives.]

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