Member Profile: Bia Diagnostics LLC

Company Name: Bia Diagnostics LLC

Primary Contact Name: Thomas Grace


Address: 294 N. Winooski Avenue, Suite 116A, Burlington, VT 05401

Contact Phone: (802) 540-0148

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Year Company Founded: 2007

General Description of Organization and/or Areas of Expertise: Bia Diagnostics is a food testing facility located in beautiful Burlington, Vermont. Bia Diagnostics leads the field in food allergen safety bringing our lab to you through same day routine analysis and label verification. Our mission is to provide our customers with the most reliable and highest standards in food allergen analysis. We continue to conduct research and develop innovative tools so that food manufacturers can produce the safest products for the most allergen sensitive consumer. Through our sister company Elution Technologies, we provide both Elisa based and Lateral Flow Rapid Allergen testing kits for all your all allergen testing needs. Customer service is the keystone of our corporate mission. We strive to create an employee centered workplace and are dedicated to working to better the community for all.