VBSA Gives Research Awards

POSTED on May 4, 2016

The Vermont Biosciences Alliance (VBSA) is excited to announce the winner’s of their first annual undergraduate student research award through St. Michaels College.  VBSA is thrilled to have the opportunity to recognize exceptional students and their research in the field of biology.

Natalie Ledue was awarded for her poster entitled:  The role of enamel thickness in carnivoran dietary adaptation. She worked with Professor Paul Constantino.  Natalie is from Springvale, Maine.

Charles Poston was awarded for his oral presentation entitled:  Spontaneous mutations in years: exploring causes and implications.  He worked with Professor Malcolm Lippert.  Charles is from Fitzwilliam, New Hampshire.

The “VBSA/SMC Undergraduate Student Research Award” is given to students in Recognition of Excellence in Research, Design, Implementation and Communication.

Charles Poston

Charles Poston

Natalie Ledue

Natalie Ledue

VBSA – Freelance Science Writer/Publicist

POSTED on February 15, 2015

There is a lot going on in Vermont’s biotechnology and biomedical-science community and the Vermont Biosciences Alliance wants to spread the word. We’re looking for a media-savvy scientist who loves to write or a journalist who is passionate about science. Decent photography skills a big plus.You’ll cover 4–5 events per year and develop a strategy to raise awareness and appreciation for progress and opportunities in Vermont bioscience. Send CV/resume and writing samples to

While Vermont has scant funds to offer financial incentives to attract new businesses to the state, we do have the allure of the Vermont image. By adding to our limited state tourism promotional budget, we can not only encourage people to visit but we can also demonstrate that Vermont is an innovative place to grow a business and a state with great jobs.

Today, there is growth in a variety of industries like beer and food, technology and renewable energy, and aviation and aerospace. By promoting Vermont in other states as the destination to work, build a business, raise a family or even vacation, state revenues would increase from greater sales, income, and rooms and meals tax transactions. This investment would pay for itself through increased state revenues and add to state coffers without raising taxes.