Biotek Expands Winooski Facility

by VBSA-admin on May 23, 2017

Winooski, Vt. – Biotek is celebrating a new and expanded facility.

The company makes life science instruments, like cell imagers and incubators.  The new 22,000 sq. ft. facility is in addition to a renovation of the existing 30,000 sq. ft. facility in Winooski.

Half of the products made by Biotek are exported, but all are made in the Green Mountain State.

The Vice President of Biotek says it’s all about helping people unlock the secrets of life.

“Our imagers, for example, allow our customers to actually see the cell biology in action. You can watch the cytotoxic T cells go to the cancer and actually destroy it, or perhaps get turned off by the cancer because of some defective mechanism in the cell,” said Adam Alpert, VP of Biotek.

Governor Phil Scott was unable to attend the event but sent a release saying the company is an integral part of the local and state economy, and the company exports products, not jobs.

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