Member Profile: Town of Colchester

Company Name: Town of Colchester

Address: 781 Blakely Rd. Colchester, VT 05446

Contact Phone: 802-264-5508

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Year Company Founded: 1763

General Description of Organization and/or Areas of Expertise:
We are a Municipal Government. The Community & Economic Development Office within the Town of Colchester municipal offices works to provide leadership to create community and economic development that is sustainable and competitive globally and to be proactive in maintaining and enhancing the economic viability of Colchester through education, partnerships, innovation and strategic action.

One of our objectives is to foster and encourage appropriate economic development including innovative, technical, and globally competitive activities and educational opportunities that result in job creation, retention, increased tax base and an improved sustainability and quality of life for the citizens of Colchester.

We assist current businesses with their expansion or relocation needs and help facilitate the local permitting process between businesses and the town. We work to bring value added businesses to locate in Colchester and we provide resources for business plan development, funding, and assistance to start ups and entrepreneurs. We are an ombudsman for the Colchester business community.