Member Profile: Saureus, Inc.

Company Name: Saureus, Inc

Address: 1456 New Boston Rd. Norwich, VT 05055

Contact Phone: 802-648-5184

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Year Company Founded: 2009

General Description of Organization and/or Areas of Expertise:
Saureus is developing a cost effective point-of-care patient screening technology that can rapidly detect dangerous pathogens that plague hospitals, nursing homes and other healthcare facilities. Initially targeting methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), the company will build upon a panel of in-vitro diagnostics, which can be used in a variety of clinical settings where rapid detection can prevent the spread of disease causing organisms and significantly impact the clinical care of patients.

Saureus is a small company with large ambitions and the resources to deliver. We have developed IP to a technology that has the potential to fundamentally alter the market for detecting dangerous pathogens. We have world-class scientific talent, a network of sophisticated technology partners, and we have the energy and enthusiasm to capture this unique opportunity.

Our company is founded on the principles of integrity, loyalty, and hard work. We choose to work with like-minded people who are committed to changing the world for the better. If you share this passion, we encourage you to connect with us.